The Unknown Singer - المغني المجهول

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Mohammed Al-Kahlawi portrays a singer growing into his talents and fame, who earns a job at a radio station. He meets a young woman named Mahasen (played by Amira Amir), who admires his abilities and begins a pen pal relationship with him. They grow closer and plan on marrying, but an ambitious cousin of Mahasen's plots to take her from him and marry into her family.

This poster is unsigned, however our research indicates it is most likely from artist Marcel. Both Amira and Mohammed appeared in only a handful of films. In this poster, they are depicted together and happy having found each other. The artistic style of the image is one that was common to product ads of the era, and the Arabic letter “L” is delicately combined into a musical clef to further celebrate the performative nature of the film.

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 Year 1946
Dimensions 33 x 45 in
85 x 115 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Minimal signs of wear along the edges and fold lines.
Artist Marcel
Printer Unknown
Medium Stone lithography





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