Private Poster Tours at City Lights Posters

Have you ever seen a vintage Arab movie poster and wondered, “How did this artwork come to be?” Just like the films, there's a fascinating and meaningful story behind every poster.

Private Poster Tours is an exclusive opportunity to access our extensive archive of rare, collectible, and highly sought-after movie posters. City Lights Posters is home to one of the world's most extensive collections of vintage Arab and Egyptian movie posters, from films as early as the 1930s. Our collection includes antique movie posters from films starring Arab cinema's most beloved stars.

This tour is part of City Lights Posters' mission to raise awareness among arts and culture enthusiasts of the unique critical space occupied by Arab film posters. It is an opportunity to enjoy dozens of these artifacts all in one place, and to view the variety of styles, subjects, and historic influences.


Through this tour, you will be introduced to concepts including:

  • The fundamental anatomy and design of an Egyptian film poster
  • Poster making techniques and how to identify printing methods
  • Poster artists and how to identify their works
  • How Egyptian poster design evolved over time

The tour lasts around two hours, during which you will browse a collection of over 50 curated posters, chosen as exemplars of the period and a gateway to your understanding the cultural relevance of the artworks and how their rediscovery is launching a new market for highly desired vintage collectibles.


This tour is for you if you are a:

  • Decorator. You are looking to style a home or business with an original art piece connected to the cultural heritage of the Arab world. 
  • Collector. You are interested in beginning a collection of vintage Egyptian movie posters and want to learn the essentials of how to value, preserve, and discuss pieces. 
  • Film buff. You are a fan of period Egyptian movies and stars and would like to view print media used to promote them. 
  • Explorer. You simply want to engage in a unique and growing cultural activity unlike any other.


Private Poster Tours will be held in Beirut. Given sufficient demand, City Lights Posters may schedule additional tours in other locations.

The tour is offered to individuals as well as groups and can be offered in English or Arabic.
Individuals and groups of 2:
$29 or FREE if you buy any poster during the tour
Groups of 3-10:
$49 or FREE if you buy any poster during the tour

To book your tour, email us at, call +96178908826, or connect through our Facebook or Instagram page.