Our Story

City Lights Posters began as a wonderful, happy, and momentous discovery. Many of the posters and memorabilia of the “golden age” of Egyptian cinema are lost and can never be recovered. There are no national archives dedicated to the preservation, study, and display of culturally and artistically significant film materials of the era.

However, the recent rediscovery of a magnificent trove of vintage posters, playbills, and theater displays has opened new opportunities to celebrate the glory days of regional cinema. Now enthusiasts and collectors have a chance to revel in the nostalgia of this bygone era that was brightened by theater marquee lights and movie stars who shined just as brilliantly!

Poster Curators

City Lights Posters is dedicated to sharing with the world the gorgeous and evocative Egyptian film posters of this dazzling and romantic era. We specialize in delighting art collectors and entertainment media enthusiasts. Browse our online catalog to view some of the most unique and hard to find posters from regional cinema, or you may contact us directly for requests or questions about difficult to locate items.

Every single poster or playbill has been carefully collected, maintained, and cataloged. City Lights Posters is an effort of scholarship and cultural preservation, as much as it is about helping collectors access a unique repository of local artistry.

For the Love of Film Art

At City Lights Posters, we are film and art lovers and we have an intense interest in not only preserving the legacy of the Egyptian cinema, but also sharing it with you. We are all fans of these splendid films and this adventurous, romantic era – let's explore it together!

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