Love Nights - ليالي الحب

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This is the musical sensation that lit the way for singer-actor Abdel Halim Hafaz's enduring stardom. Abdel Halim plays Ahmed, a junior employee who does not receive credit for an innovation that helps his company. He goes to the CEO's home to make a case for himself and discovers a costume party underway. There, he is mistaken for the son of a millionaire, falls in love with the daughter of the CEO (played by Amal Farid) and endures the ensuing complications. The film was directed by Helmy Rafla, who was an important creative figure in the musicals of the 1950s.

Prolific artist Gassour designed a poster as remarkable as the film it promotes. Abdel Halim looms large in a striking light green suit, looking over the beautiful Amal, in a luxurious red gown. An intriguing backdrop of an oak tree and starry sky is rendered in a post-Impressionistic style that mirrors the romance and fantasy of the film. This is an almost unique poster for a very celebrated film.

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 Year 1955
Dimensions 23 x 35 in
60 x 89 cm
Condition Good vintage condition. Visible tears in the top-right and bottom-left corners and smaller tears on the right and left sides and bottom-right corner. Tiny holes on the edges and the artwork. Slight paper wrinkling due to humidity.
Artist Gassour
Printer Al-Raghaeb Press
Medium Stone lithography





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