The Empty Pillow - الوسادة الخالية

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Based on a novel by Ihsan Abdel Quddous, Abdel Halim Hafez portrays Salah, a young college student who experiences love for the first time when he meets Samiha, played by the beautiful singer-actress Lobna Abdel Aziz. They are separated by circumstances and his nights are spent looking at her face in “the empty pillow” next to him. Both find another partner to marry, but their chance encounters over the years, while in the company of their spouses, cause him to spend his life in regret over the haunting memory of his lost love. At long last, however, he comes to understand that he loves his devoted wife above all else.

This very rare poster is designed by Studio Adli and shows Abdel Halim and Lobna in an intimate pose, although both appear distracted or worried. The devoted wife is depicted in monochrome, alone and seemingly aware that she shares her husband's heart with another woman. The rich plum background makes the golden lettering pop and the combination of lavish colors suggests the strong emotional pull of the film.

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 Year 1957
Dimensions 33 x 55 in (2 sheets)
85 x 140.5 cm
Condition Good vintage condition. Line cuts in the middle of the top edge and on the upper right edge. Small tears and pinholes, especially in the top left. Lower sheet is in very good condition.
Artist Studio Adli
Printer The Printing House
Medium Stone lithography





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