Today's Girls - بنات اليوم

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Actress Magda is Salwa and Amal Farid is Laila, two sisters who are completely different: Salwa is quiet and mannered, while Laila is outgoing and vivacious. When Khaled (Abdelhalim Hafez) becomes romantically involved with Laila, the sisters' differences become even more apparent, and now Khaled becomes interested in Salwa.

This poster is an alternate print of the original. It still features Abdelhalim's charming smile above the demure Magda, dressed in a pinkish-purple gown. Additional color elements of teal, black and red result in an image that really pops. This is the only film to star both Abdelhalim and Magda at the height of their popularity, and many fans and music lovers believe this is one of the finest musical films ever. It features five of Abdelhalim's most popular songs and was immensely successful on its release, making this poster an important piece of period film memorabilia.

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 Year 1957
Dimensions 27 x 39 in
70 x 100 cm
Condition Good vintage condition. Paper is yellowed and has darker brushing effect on the white background. Small tears along the edges.
Artist Adli
Printer Unknown
Medium Stone lithography





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