Qays and Layla, Style B - قيس وليلى

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Shukry Sarhan is poet Qays, who writes often of his love for Layla (Magda al-Sabahi). Their tribe learns of their relationship and forbids them seeing each other, however their love perseveres. The film is directed by Ahmed Diaaeddein and based on the traditional story of Majnun Layla, about the 7th century Najdi Bedouin poet Qays ibn al-Mullawah and his beloved Layla bint Mahdi (or Layla al-Aamiriya).

Greek-Egyptian poster artist Stamatis Vassiliou has created a simple, yet powerful design. Period details – a traditional white headscarf on Magda, long hair and beard for Shukry – are attractive. The soft pink background spotlights the details, including the titles in beautiful kufic calligraphy. Yellow, black and red elements create an appealing contrast. The bold, passionate energy of this rare poster makes for an ideal collectible for Arab history aficionados.

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 Year 1960
Dimensions 27 x 39 in
70 x 100 cm
Condition Good vintage condition. Paper is yellowed and has some wrinkles. Several small tears and pinholes along the edges.
Artist Vassiliou
Printer Unknown
Medium Stone lithography





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