Eternal Love - حبيب الروح

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Layla Murad plays a humble woman with a beautiful voice, whose prodigious talent is discovered by a musician played by Youssef Wahbi. Her jealous husband (real life husband Anwar Wagdi) disapproves of both her exploring her talent and her relationship with the musician – as their relationship sours, the husband plots to keep them apart. This is one of several films that popular show business couple Layla and Anwar starred in together.

Turquoise and pink colors combine to radiate a feeling of cheerfulness and romance in this elegantly composed poster from artist Gassour. Layla and Anwar are framed within a heart, with cupids and doves frolicking alongside and celebrating the joy of their love. This is a very wholesome and sweet image, one that is elevated by the gorgeous faces of the characters in the full bloom of their love.

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 Year 1951
Dimensions 27 x 39 in
70 x 100 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Minimal signs of wear along the edges and fold lines.
Artist Gassour
Printer Unknown
Medium Stone lithography





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