The Land of Dreams - أرض الأحلام

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Set in the countryside of Luxor, celebrated actor Imad Hamdy plays Ahmed, a man of modest means who intends to wed Amina (the beautiful Madiha Yousri), despite the objections of her father. When their plan to elope to Cairo is stalled, the father attempts to marry Amina to her cousin Omar (Farid Shawqy), who has his own designs on seizing the family fortune.

This film is directed by Kamal El-Sheikh, who was celebrated for his suspense films of the period. This poster is from the early career of artist Abdulaziz, who would go on to become one of the most in-demand film poster artists in the industry. The poster shows an emotional scene at the film's climax, as Amina struggles to escape the clutches of the domineering Omar. The striking colors and dramatic poses mark this as a distinctive and appealing piece of collectible film memorabilia.

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 Year 1957
Dimensions 33 x 45 in
85 x 115 cm
Condition Good vintage condition. The poster has tears on on the bottom and lower left edges, along with some small tears and pinholes in the middle of the lower part of the poster.
Artist Abdulaziz
Printer Unknown
Medium Stone lithography





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