Sah El-Nom - صح النوم

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Perhaps the most famous and beloved Syrian film of all time, this is the movie that launched the prolific careers of Arab comedy duo Duraid Lahham and Nihad Qalei. The lodge house “Sah El-Nom” is home to a troublemaker (Lahham) who is determined to win the heart of the hotel owner, played by Najah Hafiz. He unleashes a series of pranks and hijinks to frustrate his rival (Qalei), who is also smitten.

This poster is the work of iconic Egyptian artist Gassour and is a beautiful example of his talent. Lahham is depicted in traditional garb and smoking hookah, while Qalei looks on with a puzzled expression. Najah Hafiz is cheerful and beautiful, surrounded by a collage of other characters from the film. The bright title is rendered in expressive calligraphy that shows off right angles and domed shapes. This poster was printed on high quality glossy paper.

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 Year 1975
Dimensions 27 x 39 in
70 x 100 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Minimal signs of wear along the edges and fold lines.
Artist Gassour
Printer Hani House
Medium Offset lithography





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