They Made Me a Criminal - جعلوني مجرماً

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Sultan (iconic Egyptian actor Farid Shawqi) is released from juvenile detention, only to find himself framed for a crime by his uncle. He falls in love with Yasmina (Huda Sultan), who is his only hope in the world. Now cast aside and ruthlessly hunted, the man threatens to become the criminal that society believes him to be. This notable film emerged from a modest wave of Egyptian film noir stories of the time and also explores issues of compassion toward the underprivileged, which eventually led to changes in Egyptian juvenile law.

This poster is one of Greek-Egyptian artist Vassiliou's finest works. Huda Sultan was never so glamorous and sultry as here, in a sleeveless, glittering red dress and holding a cigarette as she reclines against the film's title. Shawqi looks on anxiously, while the swirling colors of the background suggest the story's turmoil. This poster makes a colorful and vivid impression.

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 Year 1954
Dimensions 33 x 45 in
85 x 115 cm
Condition Good to fair vintage condition. Visible tears on the right and left edges and top corners. A large hole at the intersection of two fold lines (see armpit). Some chalk writing in the top left quarter. Pinholes along edges and corners.
Artist Vassiliou
Printer Unknown
Medium Stone Lithography





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