The Addict - المدمن


Legendary Egyptian screen actor Ahmed Zaki, in one of his most emotional and complex roles, plays Khalid, a man who struggles to cope with his responsibility for the deaths of his wife and son in a car accident. Hospitalized and inconsolable, he develops an addiction to the morphine that numbs his physical and emotional pain. Respected actress Nagwa Ibrahim plays the doctor who tries to help him conquer his addiction.

The black & white imagery in this poster is haunting and provocative, with Zaki prominent at bottom in the throes of his drug-induced helplessness. Ibrahim watches over him from above, uncertain whether her compassion and care will be enough to reclaim him from the brink. The titles in red highlight the danger and intense emotionality of this important chronicle of addiction.

Scarcity Index  

 Year 1983
Dimensions 27 x 39 in
70 x 100 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Minimal signs of wear along the edges and fold lines.
Artist Unknown
Printer Unknown
Medium Offset lithography





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