Shahrazad - شهرزاد

$3,300.00 $4,200.00

Directed by Fouad El-Jazairly and starring Hussein Sedky, Elham Hussein, and world famous Egyptian actress-dancer Samia Gamal, this film is one of the earliest Egyptian cinema adaptations of the Arabian Nights. The story follows the beginning of the fable: Shahrazad spins stories to prolong her fate at the hands of the vengeful Sultan Shahrayar. In the process, she saves her own life, that of many other women in her town, and restores the Sultan's faith in humanity.

Artist Abdulrahman deploys a warm palette of bright yellows and emerald green hues that is visually appealing and very distinctive. The characters are elegantly depicted in a very skillful style that is unique for the time. The look of the poster is classical, refined, and attractive.

This two-sheet version of the poster is extremely rare and represents an exquisite example of the styles, techniques, and characteristics of the period.

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 Year 1946
Dimensions 32 x 41 in (2 sheets)
81.5 x 112 cm
Condition Good vintage condition. Bottom-left corner and the middle of top edge have tears. Some edges seem to have been taped in the past. Paper might have been subject to some humidity but is still in good condition.
Artist Abdulrahman
Printer Al-Raghaeb Press
Medium Stone lithography





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