Hamido - حميدو

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Farid Shawqi stars as Hamido, a fishing boat captain who leads a sinister double life as a womanizer and drug smuggler. The incomparable Huda Sultan portrays Sa'diya, his young fiancée who has no idea of his true nature. When she becomes the target of his violence, a fortunate escape has her eager for revenge in a race with a rival drug boss also bent on settling the score with Hamido. Mahmoud El-Meligy and Tahiya Carioca also star.

This scarce poster was designed by acclaimed Greek-Egyptian artist Vassiliou. The dangerous Hamido, gripping a knife, looms in the foreground. Sa'diya looks on from above, beautiful and innocent, rendered in a lovely purple monotone. A small illustration of a riverboat suggests the nautical setting. The artistry is colorful, bold, and very appealing.

Scarcity Index

 Year 1953
Dimensions 33 x 45 in
85 x 115 cm
Condition Good vintage condition. Paper has overall some wrinkling. White tape had been used to support the front and back of edges and the backside of fold lines. Some small tears have been replaced with matching paper pieces from other posters.
Artist Vassiliou
Printer Unknown
Medium Stone Lithography





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