The Secret of a Woman - سر امرأة


A husband undergoes a midlife crisis and falls in love with a beautiful singer. As their affair becomes increasingly bold, she goes to his home to visit him and finds him murdered. She is accused of the crime, however it becomes clear that their lives were filled with many more secrets, including one that may prove her innocence. This intriguing crime thriller with elements of a social drama was directed by Atef Salem and stars Huda Sultan, Imad Hamdy, Salah Zulficar, and Aida Hilal.

Famed poster artist Vassiliou designed this poster that is closely informed by minimalist and symbolic styles from Western traditions, including posters for Alfred Hitchcock films. Against a midnight black background, Huda Sultan's eyes emerge from a mysterious green spiral, behind the body of a man who has been stabbed in the back. Blood red titles add a vivid splash of color; a variant poster features yellow titles. The effect of this poster is provocative, daring, and fantastically unique for the period.

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 Year 1960
Dimensions 23 x 35 in
60 x 90 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Minimal signs of wear along the edges and fold lines.
Artist Vassiliou
Printer Unknown
Medium Stone Lithography





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