Devil's Son - ابن الشيطان


An anonymous outlaw, masked and dressed head-to-toe in black, conducts a murderous vendetta against men in his village who leave their families – to the villagers he is the “Devil's Son.” A local police officer (beloved cinema icon Farid Shawqi) tries to get to the bottom of who this man is, eventually discovering that his campaign of violence is linked to his own mistreatment by his family. The all-star cast includes Mahmoud El-Meligy and Tawfik El-Deken, alongside Naglaa Fathy, Ibrahim Khan and Nemat Mokhtar.

This poster is a dramatic collage of events and scenes from the film. Shawqi in his police cap takes center stage, though the image of Fathy and her dog below is an intriguing highlight. Male villagers appear as suspects in a black-and-white police lineup, and the village burns below them as the Devil's Son exults in the destruction. This is a compelling and action-packed image with substantial star power.

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 Year 1969
Dimensions 27 x 39 in
70 x 100 cm
Condition Good vintage condition. The paper is wrinkled overall due to past humidity conditions.
Artist Gassour
Printer Arab Cinema Press
Medium Stone lithography





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