Dream Hotel - فندق الأحلام


Two guards at a luxurious villa take advantage of their absentee owner by transforming the estate into a hotel. When the owner returns with his fiancée and discovers the situation, all manner of hijinks ensue. This romantic comedy stars celebrated Syrian comedy duo Duraid Lahham and Nihad Qalei, along with Michilline Daw, Lebanese entertainer Sabah, and Omar Zulficar.

This poster showcases Lahham as a chef “writing” with a knife, next to Michilline, with Nihad Qalei beside them in a funny pose. Two inset images feature Sabah and Omar Zulficar, below scenery of the hotel and beach. The title is rendered in diwani-style calligraphy and recalls fonts seen on authentic hotel signs of the time. The comedic illustration style combines with a bright pastel color palette to create a remarkably wholesome and attractive décor item.

Scarcity Index

 Year 1968
Dimensions 26 x 37 in
66 x 95 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Minimal signs of wear along the edges and fold lines.
Artist Unknown
Printer Unknown
Medium Offset lithography





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