Men's Huntress - صائدة الرجال

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In this poignant drama, a nightclub singer retires and marries a man of modest means, happy and content despite their relative poverty. The husband has misgivings and believes he needs to provide better: he embezzles a large sum and ends up imprisoned. The singer returns to work at the nightclub, amid regrets about the decisions that led to this point. This film was directed by Hassan El-Imam and features an all-star cast including Huda Sultan, Shukry Sarhan, and Mahmoud El-Meligy.

Huda Sultan, a seductive talent unrivaled in the period cinema, radiates warm energy, in a yellow satin dress: you can almost hear her distinctive laugh! The painterly brush strokes in the background add a framing element that creates even more focus on this iconic star from the Golden Age of Egyptian Cinema.

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 Year 1960
Dimensions 27 x 39 in
70 x 100 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Minimal signs of wear along the edges and fold lines.
Artist Gassour
Printer Gassour Press
Medium Stone Lithography





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