Safar Barlek, Style A - سفر برلك


In this period film set in the early days of World War I, young Adla (played by the incomparable singer-entertainer Fairuz) sets off on an epic journey to discover the mysterious fate of Abdo (Ihsan Sadeq), who she was promised to marry. She joins the resistance against the Ottomans, who have imprisoned Abdo in a work camp. She becomes part of a plot to upset the Ottoman's plans, free the villagers and reunite with her beloved Abdo.

Fairuz is an icon in the Arab world for her talents as a singer. This is one of only three films she starred in. This poster features a dramatic image of Fairuz, somber and elegant, looking over a scene of Ottoman soldiers seizing Abdo and burning villagers out of their homes. The lush colors and detailed imagery are framed by the title, in sophisticated calligraphy against a vivid blue background. This poster is one of the few from the period that was designed and printed in Europe, by renowned poster artist Mario Piovano from Studio Paradiso.

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 Year 1967
Dimensions 39 x 55 in
100 x 140 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Slight yellowing along the edges and fold lines.
Artist Mario Piovano, Studio Paradiso
Printer Aldina Arti Grafiche
Medium Offset lithography





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