The Midnight Driver - سواق نص الليل

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A truck driver engaged to be married is tempted by a beautiful seductress, however he remains true to his love. His life becomes complicated by the spurned woman's attempts to ruin him in revenge for rejecting her, and a gang leader who is jealous of his romantic relationships. Niazi Mostafa directed this romantic thriller that stars Farid Shawqi, Huda Sultan, Zahrat El-Ula, and Mahmoud El-Meligy.

Shawqi is shown behind the wheel, with Huda Sultan below casting a seductive look and dressed in traditional clothing with gold accessories. The dark green background mirrors the verdant landscapes from the film and adds a distinctive lush color that will complement a suitably decorated space. This extremely rare poster was recently rediscovered, the first of its kind that is intact and complete.

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 Year 1958
Dimensions 23 x 35 in
60 x 90 cm
Condition Good to fair vintage condition. Paper has overall some wrinkling. Some tears on the middle of the right and left edges. Some visible tears along the central fold line. Pinholes along the margins.
Artist Gassour
Printer Printing House
Medium Stone Lithography





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