The Quiet City - المدينة الهادئة


When an honest accountant discovers potential fraud at his company, he tries to arrange a meeting with the business's president. The accountant's manager intervenes to have him arrested and it becomes obvious who is actually at the center of the embezzlement scheme – but can he be brought to justice? Hassan Reda directed this Syrian-Egyptian co-production that stars Magida El-Khatib, Youssef Shaaban, Abdelmoneim Ibrahim, Rafiq Subaei, Huda Farid, and Anwar Sardar.

A vertical film strip frames this poster into two halves. The left side includes cameos of the cast against a background of lime green brushstrokes; the right side shows the film's credits over a light blue background. The title in red provides a beautiful contrast that makes this attractive poster stand out visually.

Scarcity Index

 Year 1972
Dimensions 27 x 37 in
70 x 94 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Minimal signs of wear along the fold lines. Some tears on the upper part of the left edge.
Artist Jaffan
Printer Military Surveying House
Medium Offset lithography





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