The Seller of the Rings, Billboard - بياع الخواتم، لوحة الإعلانات


A small rural town is so peaceful that its mayor (Lebanese singer-actor Nasri Shamseddine) decides to invent “Rajeh”, an imaginary evildoer who will bring some drama to his boring community. Two villagers discover the fiction and commit their own crimes in Rajeh's name. Soon after, a real Rajeh arrives in the town and reveals an unexpected connection to the mayor and his daughter Rima (played by the incomparable Fairuz), which brings a new level of mystery to the unsuspecting village.

One of the few billboard-style film posters from the era that has survived in a mint condition through to today, this unique example of cinema fine art is generously sized at 4.20 meters x 2 meters. Designed by acclaimed film poster artist Manfredo Acerbo (note his signature at lower left), it is rendered in the sophisticated, painterly style he was famed for. Fairuz is prominent at left in a gorgeous pairing of traditional blue dress and yellow shawl, her pose regal and elegant. The happy villagers dance and celebrate in the background. This poster's wholesome spirit better reflects traditional Lebanon more than any other work of vintage poster art, and is certain to be the highlight of any setting.

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 Year 1965
Dimensions 165 x 79 in (6 sheets)
420 x 200 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Minimal signs of wear along the edges and fold lines.
Artist Manfredo Acerbo
Printer Vecchioni & Guadagno
Medium Offset lithography





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