The Watchman's Daughter, Style A - بنت الحارس


High in the mountainous countryside of Lebanon is a village so tranquil that the local council decides there's no more need for guards and police. Legendary singer-actress Fairuz plays the role of Nejmeh, a young woman whose watchman father is now unemployed. In order to convince the village to rehire her father, she sneaks out at night and commits acts of theft – her efforts soon cause such a stir that her well-meaning plot threatens to permanently disturb the peace of the community.

This intricate poster features a collage of scenes from the film, with two images of the beautiful Fairuz: at bottom she is in a lovely white dress and captured in the act of singing, and at top portrayed in her guise as an armed robber trying to restore some dignity to her father. Colorful titles in a tidy calligraphic style complete a modern look. Performers Elias Rizk and Iman feature prominently in this dramatic and compelling fine art film poster from the Golden Age of Arab cinema.

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 Year 1968
Dimensions 39 x 55 in
100 x 140 cm
Condition Very good vintage condition. Minimal signs of wear along the edges and fold lines.
Artist Unknown
Printer Vecchioni & Guadagno
Medium Offset lithography





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